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Musical Medley Costume Hire

Musical Medley Performing Arts Club & Costume Hire ©2013



Wizard of Oz Dorothy Age 7-9

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Age 7-9

Wizard of Oz Tinman Age 7-9

Wizard of Oz Lion Age 6-9

Wilma Flintstone Age 5-8

Snow White Age 10-12

Donkey Age 10

Gingerbread Man Shrek Age 10+

Shrek age 8-10

Little Red Riding Hood 10-12

Pinocchio Age 10



Mouse Age 6-9

Black Cat Age 7-9

Pink and White Rabbit Age 6-9

Sheep Tabard Age 4-6

Monkey Costume Age 7-9

Childs Dragon Costume




Adult ladies1950’s Grease outfit

Mans Pirate costume medium

Mans soldier red jacket medium

Adult 1920’s ladies beach wear

Flapper Dress Black uk size 8 to 10

Swanlake dress uk size 8/10



Chess Queen Age 5-8

Pink Hareem costumes Age 5-7/7-9

Purple Hareem costume Age 7-9

Girls Pirate Costume Age 4-7

Apeman Costume Age 7-9

Nurse Age 5-7

Shepherd Age 5-7

Chinese Outfit Age 3-4

Yellow Clown Outfit Age 5-7

Lederhosen Ages 6 to 13

Green Flapper Dress Age 7-9

White sequined fairy dress Age 5/6

Athena Greek Goddess Age 7-9

White sequined fairy dress Age 3/4

Pink/white Spanish style dress Age 9

Blue swiss style netted dress Age 7-9

Pink long fairy dress Age 7-9

Pink/white/gold netted dress Age 8/9

Brown/pink velvet dress Age 7/8

Red tudor dress Age 6/8

Red ballet skirt (small)

Princes cloak

Angel dress Age 3-5

Maid Marion dress Age 7-8

War girl outfit/Victorian also suit Age 6-8

Pumpkin dress Age 5-7

Cream/pink flowered gown Age 9+

Nuns Outfits Age 8 to 13

Spanish Flamenco Dress Age 10

Hawaiian Girl Age 6 to 7

Geisha Girl (Japanese) Age 10

Girls Rag Doll Age 6-7

Cowgirl Age 8-10




Construction helmet

Bowler hat

Masquerade ball mask

Pink cowgirl hat

Straw boater

Gangster Hats

Yellow bowler hat

Admiral felt hat

Felt Trilby


Top Hats



Shrek Ears

Black Cat Eye Mask

Wolf Head

Mouse Mask

Pig Mask

Dance Cane

Mop caps

Victorian aprons





An assortment of wigs including 1950’s, Cher, afro, punk, monk, beehive, mens and ladies

short wigs, long wigs, judge, Princess Fiona Wig, clown etc

Photographed by Eric Young Photography

Dragon Costume
Donkey Costume
Geisha Girl (Japanese) Costume
Spanish Flamenco Costume
Chess Queen Costume
Cow girl Costume
Dorothy Costume
Purple Harem Costume
Pinocchio Costume
Shrek Costume
Wizard of Oz Lion Costume
Wizard of Oz Tin man Costume
War girl outfit / Victorian Costume
Nun Costume
Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume
Gingerbread man Costume
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